ENP-Université Paris Descartes-ENS course on
Optical Imaging and Electrophysiological Recording in Neuroscience

June 12th - 24th 2017

***Application deadline March 15, 2017***

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Support from Instrument manufacturers – loans of equipment, installation and expertise

Andor – Oxford Instruments  www.Andor.com
Cairn Research  www.Cairn-Research.co.uk

Digitimer  Ltd www.digitimer.com

HEKA www.heka.com

Luigs and Neumann www.luigs-neumann.com

MCI www.mci-neuroscience.com
Molecular Devices – Axon Inst www.moleculardevices.com
NPI Electronic www.npielectronic.com

Olympus Microscopes www.olympus.com
Scientifica UK www.scientifica.uk.com
Scop-Pro scop-pro.com
Sensapex www.sensapex.com

Sutter Instruments www.sutter.com
Zeiss Microscopes www.zeiss.com